Mobile Kits

Our mobiles to paint, are made from 4mm MDF - the largest piece will be 15-19cm depending on the shape.

We have an extensive range, but there is always room for more - if you have any particular shapes you would like combined as a mobile, we can do this for a minimum order of five.

We also  cut mobiles from top quality white card - it is .75mm thick, and rigid.If you are running a workshop or craft party, these are ideal as they do not need paint. you can colour with pencil, felt tips or glitter pens and paste on collage or glitter.

All kits include thread and hanging ring.

Samples of both are shown below - or drawings if I've run out of pictures !

MDF mobile - £2.90       Card mobile -£1.70

Galleon mobile

No picture for the first one !!

but it's a favourite with the boys.





Fairy mobile

This time shown in card








Dophin mobile.

A very simple design suitable for young children.







Shark mobile.

No comment !







Butterfly mobile.

A good one in card, for a party - lots of possibilities for colouring, glitter or collage.





Dinosaur mobile.

Another useful party design, where collage can be used.





Fish mobile.

Suitable for small  children to make patterns with paint.

I have used this both with children, and adults with learning difficulties - they were delighted with the results.






Flower mobile.

Simple but effective.










Fruit mobile.

With a heart - promote healthy eating ???






Safari mobile.

A nice design for a nursery.








Mermaid mobile







Moon mobile.







Sun mobile.









Whale mobile








Seahorse mobile










Dove mobile







Fowl mobile !!!!!









Pony mobile.






Toy mobile.






Transport mobile



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