Our letters are handcut by craftsmen, giving a clean, clear edge for painting. We have two fonts in stock.

VIK is an adaptation of Victorian D.      HAK is our own design in grafitti style.

Capitals 19cm - 90p each - MDF VIK Lower case letters not yet in stock. They will be sometime, So please ask !
 Capitals 10cm - 60p each - MDF VIK  Lower case - 40p each  Ideal size for toy boxes and doors.  Hyphens and apostrophes in stock.

 Capitals 6cm - 40p each - MDF VIK

also in BIRCHPLY - 50p each

 Lower case MDF - 30p

BIRCHPLY - 40p each

 Perfect size for name plaques  NOW IN PLY FOR PYROGRAPHY.
 Capitals 19cm - 90p each - MDF HAK  Great for grafitti style names.  Cover with Jazzy paper !  Can also look feminine in florals.

Letters Gallery