Party Packs


Craft parties are IN !    -and the least expensive are those you organise yourself.

Any of our stock can be supplied with a small discount for quantities over 10.

 Illustrated - pack of 12 butterfly and flower bookmarks - all wood, faced with card, so all you need is coloured pencils, felt tips or glitter pens. Perfect to gain a quiet moment at your party and a cute take home gift. We have a  similar set of T-shirts in stock for the boys.             £4.80 per pack




We supply all our mobiles in a thick, top quality white card. Not the stuff that family heirlooms are made of, but definitely suitable for parties at home - you don't need paint !  A trip to the local supermarket for felt tips, glitter pens and glue (all preferably washable !) with some glitter and bits and pieces for collage should give you all you need. Each mobile has 3 pieces ( that means 6 sides to decorate !) and comes in a pack with thread and hanging ring.      Card mobile  £1.70 each, or £15 for 10 sets

Designs range from fairies, mermaids, galleons, to animals and fish. If we haven't got samples up on the site yet - email for some examples -